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Women Having An Eye Exam



An eye examination is about more than checking whether you need glasses. Our comprehensive eye examinations provide an important health check of your eyes and vision.


We include tests of your vision, pupil dilation, retinal examination and an eye pressure test. This allows us to create a complete assessment of your vision and ocular health. All of our tests are carried out using the latest technology and each examination is personalised so all of our patients get testing and care that is right for them. 

Optometrist Checking Patient Eyesight
Man Wearing Designer Glasses


Our eyesight is incredibly important to us but many people do not spend much time considering their eye health. Practices like protecting your eyes from the sun, eating healthily, and quitting or avoiding smoking are just some of the ways you can improve your eye health. Part of our commitment to patient care is providing up-to-date, applicable information to help all of our patients keep their eyes healthy.  


All our examinations are thorough and include a vision assessment and a set of eye health tests. However, your eye examination is designed to work for you so the tests that are carried out will depend on your background and why you decided to have your eyes checked.


If you are experiencing certain symptoms or have a family history of eye conditions, your optometrist may recommend additional tests. At the end of the examination, any concerns or necessary prescriptions will be explained to you and you’ll have plenty of time to discuss anything you’re not sure about.  

Young Woman With Glasses
OCT scanning

We are a traditional practice that has been in business for 65 years but we understand how valuable new technology is to testing and caring for your eyes. With this in mind, we stay informed about all the latest technology and advances that can help us to provide quality care to our community.


As part of this initiative, we offer OCT scanning as part of an extended eye examination. OCT is a technology that allows optometrists to create digital images of the inside of the eye, which allows them to identify conditions and eye damage that previously would be impossible to catch.


OCT is available for everyone but we especially recommend it for patients over 60 and those experiencing certain symptoms. 

Dry eye
Young Girl With Dry Eyes
Allergy Relief Eye Drops

Dry eye is a difficult condition to deal with causing irritation to the eyes and a variety of other symptoms. The condition also has many causes and can be treated in different ways based on the diagnosis. Our dry eye assessments are designed to pinpoint the exact cause of dry eye so we can lay out a care plan that helps relieve your specific symptoms.  

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