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Women Wearing Contact Lenses



Contact lenses not only provide a comfortable and convenient alternative to glasses but they can also be used to treat and manage a variety of eye conditions. There are exciting developments in contact lens technology that allow more people to wear lenses comfortably and effectively. We stock as many types as possible so we can tailor our contact lens service to all of our patients.  


Your first step in getting contact lenses is an assessment. During this first appointment, we’ll gather all the information we need to find contact lenses that suit your lifestyle and an optometrist will test and measure your eyes so your contact lenses can fit you precisely.


Any questions you have will be answered and at the end of the assessment, you will be offered a pair of contact lenses to trial.  

Contact Lenses
Women Wearing Contact Lenses


The wide variety of contact lenses available is designed to suit differences in eye types and how people like to use their lenses. For example, there are options for occasional or permanent use and daily or monthly disposables.


On the technical side, there are a variety of soft and rigid lenses which are designed for different eye types and specific eye conditions. Your optometrist will explain these types to you and offer a recommendation as to which option will be best for you.   

Women Inserting Contact Lenses

Aftercare allows us to help manage your contact lenses after you start using them. While we aim to provide you with lenses that work without any issues, eyesight can change over time and eyes can react in different ways to contact lenses. Aftercare means we can make sure your contacts are still comfortable, keeping your eyes healthy and providing you with excellent vision.  

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